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In this page you will find links to free content such as graphics, sounds and other useful code snippets and content to help you build your own game.

Okay the links all posted here are royalty free this means that you do not need to pay for the sound’s or images although the authors may ask you to acknowledge them in your game (such as in the credits of your game).

Free Audio:

Source 1:

I have used incompetech before and there is a really good catalogue of music available, all you have to do is credit him in your game or on your website.  The best thing about the website is that you can filter the music search by mood, so you can get scary music or happy music or eerie music depending on the feel you are trying to create in your game.

Here are two examples of the usage of audio from incompetech in two well designed games:
Example 1
Example 2

Source 2:

There is a rich collection of sound effects from this website, i absolutely love the layout as its really easy to find what you are looking for. The great thing about the sound files is that they seem to be exactly what you are looking for, so if you want the ambient sound of an aeroplane or maybe a car starting then you will find an audio file that fits the bill and also sounds natural.

Here are some examples of the usage of audio from Soundjay:
Currently have no examples that i have found on the web, however i will be using some of the plane sound effects in the xna example game once its finished.

Source 3:

Flashkit Ambient
The great thing about this website is the vast collection of audio files that you can use for the background music for your game, this is the only website that i went on without a game idea and then after listening to the sound could visualise a gmae that i could make. There are a lot of files on this website(and i am just talking about the ambient section). I would recommend it for uyour game’s backing music, there is a greater collection of arcade style music. The audio files are created by independent artists who submit them to the website. Also the license for the files on this site is only 10 lines long so give it a quick read (license). You can even use some of the files without linking them which i guess is pretty cool although i would always recommend giving people a shout out for their work.

Here are two of my favourites that i am thinking of using from them:

Free Textures:

Well, from my own experience i can say that i found looking for royalty free textures from a single source a bit more complicated than looking for royalty free sound effects and music. The problem is that most of the free textures website are dedicated to “ripped” textures such as sprite-sheets from old games such as Super Mario, Pokemon and Sonic. I don’t mind using those textures for hobby projects, however i wouldn’t recommend them if you are thinking of earning money from your game as they will more than likely have copyright protection of some sort. However rest assured i will compile a list of royalty free sources of original sprite-sheets and artwork that you can use in your game. There is one link that fits the bill of royalty free and can be used in commercial games however they offer pictures rather than drawn sprites(like spaceships etc). I will compile some of my free textures and images that i have created for my projects and put them up on this website within the next few weeks for you guys to use however you see fit, maybe i should dedicate a section to this.

Okay so after some good research for 2d and 3d textures and models i have came up with some gold nuggets of free open source for commercial use websites , and here they are:

2d/3d Assets

Source 1:

Okay, so this site is number one on my list because of the easy to understand copyright protection. Nearly all of the are on this website is listed as cc0(which means that it is available for commercial use int the public domain or as you see fit with no credits requires, although as i said before its good to credit people for their work). This website is more up and coming, so keep a look out for new artwork. There are two sections, the 2d texture section with 2d images and the 2d sprite-sheet section with as you can guess 2d sprite-sheets, all of the artwork is original so use to yopur hearts content.

Source 2:

If you are looking for a single source of 2d and 3d collection of game art/textures/models you can find them here, the strong point for this website in my opinion would definitely be the 3d content. Most of the content here is CC0 meaning that you can use them in your commercial games without any worry about copyright violations. The only way you can find good content is by taking a look so have a good browse of all the websites and don’t forget to hit up Google as-well if you don’t find what you are looking for, i will continue to add more free content websites and game art for you to use in your projects, happy hunting.

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